Our story

Our story begins more than four years ago, when we founded the first makerspace in Romania. Since we like to explore everything that’s new in terms of tech trends, we’ve learnt the hard way what’s it like to do rapid prototyping. But we’ve accepted the challenge and learnt our lessons after each new experience, believing in our power to make a meaningful change. Of course that we were not alone in this journey. We benefited from the valuable feedback provided by the mentors we’ve encountered during the three accelerator programs that we’ve been part of.

Our first major milestone was attending the How to Web conference in Bucharest, which gave us the ticket for the Hub:raum WARP accelerator in Krakow, in December 2014. At the end of the program we were the winners and this came as a confirmation that our mission is realistic and useful. But it was also then when we realized that we need to work harder and do better. That is why we wanted to further and get new insights on how we can make our business valuable for our customers. So, we registered for Challenge UP! in July 2015, in order to get in touch with big players from our fields of interests. And we were chosen among the best 12 IoT startups from Europe. Currently, we are part of the Seedcamp acceleration program, because we strongly believe that one never seizes to learn.

So, in a nutshell, we are passionate about tech, driven by professionalism, curiosity and self-improvement, always interested in providing the best solution to an issue, a bit bold in our endeavors, but always willing to share our legacy. Today, we still are a team of passionate and enthusiastic tech savvies who want to share their knowledge in hardware and software with others. We are the DeviceHub.net team, ready to empower ambitious developers and developers to build tomorrow.



What is DeviceHub.net

DeviceHub.net empowers ambitious developers to build tomorrow. We provide an integrated solution for IoT projects development, combining cloud integration with business intelligence in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies. We offer data gathering, cloud logic, triggers, real time remote control and analytics in a friendly user interface.

We offer a PaaS (Platform as a Service) through which the hardware/mobile developers can connect and remotely manage multiple devices. This has enabled individuals and SMEs to rapidly develop systems for fleet management, intelligent vending machines, global container tracking, wearable electronics and many others. Our PaaS offering is modular and built to scale with security and performance as primary objectives. It can be fully white-labeled, re-branded, and installed on-premise or in a Virtual Private Cloud for Enterprise-grade deployments.


Vision statement

We seek to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity by empowering worldwide ambitious developers to build tomorrow. We love tech-savvy's and we love learning from them. They build awesome projects and we commit to offer them a scalable future-proof solution. We provide them our legacy and encourage them to share their owns' within the community, because we believe that knowledge sharing and collaboration are key to mastery.

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of Internet of Things: real-time universal access and control of everything from everywhere. We strive to become the IoT standard, as we believe that both companies and people should be in full control of their devices. That feeling when you know that you are part of someones' enthusiasm and excitement when building a new project -  is priceless.

Through DeviceHub.net, we also offer software development kits for many programming languages and environments (Python, C++, JavaScript(soon), Ruby(soon), Android(soon)) and most popular open source development boards, as well as guidelines for various tools.

How does it work?

Our platforms offers means for both input and output to the real world. Here are the main data types:

Sensor types - Input for DeviceHub.net - Data gathered from your devices

Digital sensor

This is an example of a digital sensor visualization. It applies to sensors that return only two values (1 and 0) to represent an On/Off behavior, like a sensor that indicates if a light is on or off or if the door is locked.

Analog sensor

This is an example of an analog sensor visualization. It applies to sensors that return values with a large variation, such as temperature or humidity and they are more comprehensibly displayed in a graphic.

Messages sensor

This is an example of a messages/strings sensor visualization. It applies to sensors that return any strings of up to 256 characters sent from a device. Good for debugging or creating a message based notification scenario.

Map sensor

This is an example of a map sensor visualization. Once you have a GPS device that can send data to the internet you can track the position of the device with this type of a sensor in real time.


Digital actuator

This is an example of a digital actuator visualization. It applies when controlling devices that have only two logical states, on and off. Great to pair with a relay to connect things to power main.

Analog actuator

This is an example of an analog actuator visualization. It applies when controlling devices that allow granular levels, for example heating systems where you are not interested only in turning them on, but also on setting a target temperature.

Ionut Cotoi
CEO & Co-founder
System engineer
Joined DeviceHub in 2013
Alin Chiriac
Co-Founder & Strategic Partnership
Business development manager
Joined DeviceHub in 2016
Gabriel Arnautu
Full Stack Developer
Joined DeviceHub in 2015
Andra Necula
DevOps & Sysadmin Engineer
Joined DeviceHub in 2016
Stefania Domnulete
Office Manager
Joined DeviceHub in 2017