Integrated building management with automated IoT platform

Having homes and offices becoming smart, an implicit need is rising for a building integrated system that would be the pillar in the smart city landscape.

Digitally transformed buildings can surface utilising the IoT solutions, to become a more connected, safe and environmentally friendly space supported by the DeviceHub`s internet of things platform. Harnessing the potential of a smart building management architecture with data transmission within the platform and create an integrated control panel that can run the building saving resources and time.


Smart building systems empower communities to develop within a safe, energy efficient environment. Through automation, Internet of things can integrate actions with sensors and devices in one responsive dashboard, feeded by real time data.

Any parameter like temperature or humidity in the smart building can be set to specific value according to user`s preferences or scheduling, also can react instantly on multiple levers in case of a natural disaster, burglary attempt or terrorist attack. The DeviceHub IoT platform can support fully integrated scalability and customisation of the digitally Integrated building management maximising the functionalities, while saving energy and other natural resources, reducing emissions and waste. The IoT technology can support a considerable improvement in fundamental living standards, with more sustainable safe and functional spaces for both residential and office purposed buildings.

Access & Security remote monitoring

Predictive maintenance


Environmentally   friendly    

Integrated asset management

          Unified           cost control  

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