Interested in taking your business to the IoT level? Explore our enterprise features and benefits!

DeviceH​ub.​net provides a scalable enterprise cloud solution including infrastructure, interconnectivity, and centralised administration.

The platform can be integrated with any company infrastructure helping you to gain insight on your current technological processes and make adjustments in order to improve your process efficiency and by this we mean cost savings.

Our PaaS offering is modular and built to scale with security and performance as primary objectives. It can be fully white-labeled, re-branded, and installed on-premise or in a Virtual Private Cloud for Enterprise-grade deployments.

In order to cover a wide range of devices and use cases, supports both REST APIs and the most popular real time communication protocols that are already used in the M2M space (MQTT, AMQP, CoAP). The real time protocols have the advantage of low latency and small message footprint, especially useful over cellular networks or in highly congested enterprise environments.


What we offer


Unified dashboard

Visualizing all the data on a single customized dashboard. Easy exporting or filtering based on time intervals allows the user to make sense of its data.


Unified communication for M2M

Our set of API’s covers besides standard http requests, real time communication protocols that are open ended for integration with third party API’s and hardware.


Data gathering and analysis

The platform is able to gather the data and analyze it. Data analysis means: pattern extraction, prediction and ultimately translates to cost savings and increased efficiency.


Remote control of devices

Having a communication channel opened with the device it is easy to add remote control of certain features of devices besides data gathering.



Ability to define rules based on data input to trigger actions, thus automating a feedback loop on one or multiple devices.*

coming soon


Full process automation

We offer data gathering, data analysis and remote control, that is everything our clients need to automate their processes.


Reducing costs

We help our clients reduce money and time to get on the market by giving them access to the community and expanding their cloud offer.


Ready to use demo

Easily compose your hardware and generate demo applications and capture new business opportunities on the market.


White labeling

You can have your customized and branded IoT platform without having to put the resources into developing it. Furthermore, we can provide support and develop new features according to your needs. You will get a private, customized, and branded IoT platform deployed to on-premise hardware or to a Virtual Private Cloud.



All the stored data is encrypted on disk using the latest cryptographic algorithms. The management and device communication is secured with industry standard using data-in-motion specific algorithms.


SDK & code samples

Our APIs work with any internet enabled device. We strive to maintain an updated set of code samples and libraries and we are always willing to expand to support our clients.


Use cases, data is all around us!