Home automation

- the 21st century smart house needs plug and play integration -

Home automation, be it small or whole-house, requires home technologies working together. In a market highly segmented, where manufacturers, proprietary technologies, protocols, and products don’t “talk to each other”, integration is crucial. In order to enable home automation solutions that provide many-to-many connectivity and are user friendly, our platform offers makers and home automation systems providers a unified dashboard for data gathering/analysis, remote control, and alerting.

Why use different apps for each Internet-enabled home automation device, when all of them can be connected to the unified dashboard provided by DeviceHub.net and easily controlled? Control your home from anywhere, anytime!


Major benefits

  Full process automation

We offer data gathering, data analysis and remote control, everything you need to automate your home and reduce your everyday living expenses.

  Remote control of devices

It is easy to get real-time data in and data out from the platform so you can be in control of everything that happens at home when you're away.


All the stored data is encrypted on disk using the latest cryptographic algorithms. The management and device communication is secured to industry standard using data-in-motion specific algorithms.


Examples of what you can do by using our platform

 Monitor and remotely control your home
 Control such aspects as temperature, oxygen level, humidity etc. and adjust levels according to your needs
 Define rules and get alerts based on different values/incidents that require your immediate attention
 Monitor your energy or water supply consumption in order to save resources
 Switch your appliances on and off remotely to save energy
 Constantly receive updated information about the status of your windows and doors openings in order to prevent for intruders
 Promptly communicate critical results to your insurance broker
 Define and extract patterns for utilities in order to save costs

Other use cases