Smart medicine and healthcare

- the 21st century medicine is personalized medicine -

Healthcare providers need critical information for smarter and faster medical decisions. Our platform helps the healthcare professionals with real-time dashboards of on site and offsite monitoring of vital signs and with improved emergency response through the use of panic buttons or smart fall detectors.

We provide hardware and software integration with current devices and EMR systems.


Major benefits

  Full process automation

We offer data gathering, data analysis and remote control, everything you need to automate your healthcare devices.

  Reducing costs

We reduce your cost by giving you an unified dashboard and helping you to easily and remotely track your patient's data.


All the stored data is encrypted on disk using the latest cryptographic algorithms. The management and device communication is secured to industry standard, using data-in-motion specific algorithms.


Examples of what you can do by using our platform

 Monitor the condition of patients from distance
 Constantly receive updated information on the health status and location of patients
 Monitor and remotely control the medical equipment from laboratory
 Define rules and get alerts based on different values and urgency level
 Unified and detailed patient medical tests record
 Promptly communicate critical results to healthcare providers
 Cloud medical records in order to apply aid decision algorithms
 Enable the doctor-patient relationship
 Extract patterns to prevent critical situations

Other use cases