- the 21st century individual always has an eye on his belongings -

The adoption of smart things allows individuals to enhance own security, by hearing and/or seeing real-time information gathered through surveillance equipment. Anti-theft solutions for personal and enterprise use require integration and 24/7 availability. Similarly, safety concerns associated with building management or incident management can now be addressed through the Internet of Things. provides both individual users and enterprises with a PaaS through which one can easily connect and remotely manage security and safety systems.


Major benefits

  Data gathering and analysis

The platform is able to gather the data and analyze it. Data analysis means: pattern extraction and prediction, as well as defining rules in order to get alerts.

  Remote control of devices

It is easy to get real-time data in and data out from the platform so you can be in control of everything that happens at home when you're away.


All the stored data is encrypted on disk using the latest cryptographic algorithms. The management and device communication is secured to industry standard using data-in-motion specific algorithms.


Examples of what you can do by using our platform

 Early detection of gas levels or leakages in industrial environments, surroundings of chemical factories and inside mines in order to prevent fires
 Monitor liquid presence in data centers, warehouses and sensitive building grounds in order to prevent break downs or floods
 Define rules and customize alerts based on different values (for instance, noise, motion) that require your immediate attention
 Take action in real time in case of theft/home invasion/fire/floods
 Remotely control device settings (for instance, lock, turn off, take swift remedial actions)
 Promptly communicate critical events to surveillance or insurance providers or emergency intervention teams
 Remotely and securely monitor your business
 Enable the owner-pet relationship or parent-child relationship

Other use cases