Smart industry

- the 21st century industries embrace technological innovation -

Join the Digital Industry 4.0 to start reducing your costs and increase the efficiency of your business, benefiting from the technological advancements in a smart way.

We address to companies willing to improve their production processes in all sectors and to develop smarter products and services. Leading companies are already integrating IoT solutions for reducing production time and increasing scale production, in order to be more competitive and easily adapt to the unpredictable changes of the environment. Embracing the technological innovation means more opportunities for growth.


Major benefits

  Full process automation

The platform is able to gather the data and analyze it. Data analysis means: pattern extraction, prediction and ultimately translates to cost savings and increased efficiency.

  Can be integrated with any hardware

Our set of API’s covers besides standard http requests, real time communication protocols that are open ended for integration with third party API’s and hardware.

  White labeling

You can have your customized and branded IoT platform without having to put the resources into developing it.


Examples of what you can do by using our platform

 Remotely monitor the functioning of your production line to optimize the processes
 Switch your devices on and off remotely to save energy and reduce your costs
 Constantly receive updated information about the machines in your plant
 Define rules and get alerts based on different values, that require immediate attention by the engineer
 Machine auto-diagnosis and prompt communication of critical results to QA
 Cloud technical records in order to apply decision algorithms
 Extract patterns to prevent critical situations and inform your maintenance team

Other use cases