Smart fleet management

- 21st century trucks are driving through a sea of public information -

This public information combined with on truck insights from smart sensors can help minimize the costs associated with transport.

From optimized routes based on live road conditions to precise pallet location, reduced deadheading or cargo temperature stability, the modern players are invited to take part in the supply chain management 2.0 and make use of the intelligence of this sea of information to upgrade their value proposition.


Major benefits

  Full process automation

We offer data gathering, data analysis and remote control, everything you need for a smart fleet management.

  Reducing costs

We reduce your cost by giving you a unified dashboard and helping you track your fleet and its status.

  White labeling

You can benefit from your customized and branded IoT platform without having to put the resources into developing it.


Examples of what you can do by using our platform

 Collect real time data from your fleet and send alarms to your drivers
 Unified and detailed fleet management from distance
 Constantly receive updated information about the status and location of your drivers
 Define rules and get alerts based on different values, that require immediate attention by the driver
 Extract patterns to prevent fleet damage
 Machine auto-diagnosis
 Monitor different values inside containers or industrial fridges (eg. temperature or oxygen level)
 Vibrations or strokes maintenance for insurance purposes

Other use cases