- the 21st century individual uses wearables both at home and at work -

The Internet of Me needs wearables to enable users to more easily and quickly make sense of contextually relevant data, without interrupting the daily flow of activities. Apart from the ever-connected personal lifestyle (fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses, smart dresses or socks), the wearable technology is expected to deliver a key interface and input into the industrial IoT (smart helmets).

Irrespective if seen as a consumer phenomenon or considered essential for enterprise applications, wearables require custom platforms for data collection, storage and processing, as well as enhanced security and privacy. DeviceHub.net enables the wearable Internet of things to securely collect and retrieve contextually relevant data in order to make it actionable for personal or organizational use.


Major benefits

 Data gathering and analysis

The platform is able to gather the data and analyze it. Data analysis means: pattern extraction, prediction and ultimately translates to cost savings and increased efficiency.


All the stored data is encrypted on disk using the latest cryptographic algorithms. The management and device communication is secured to industry standard using data-in-motion specific algorithms.

 White labeling

You can have your customized and branded IoT platform without having to put the resources into developing it.


Examples of what you can do by using our platform

 Real-time reporting of activity from your workers in order to track employee performance and satisfaction
 Real-time data on user's exact location, especially for mobile workers
 Real-time access to information sensed by the wearable (physiological information, environmental thermal or visual inputs)
 Constantly receive updated information about the devices that the wearable communicates with
 Define rules and get alerts based on different values, that require your immediate attention
 Cloud technical records in order to apply decision algorithms based on data collected by the wearable
 Extract patterns to prevent critical situations in both personal and organizational scenarios

Other use cases