We strive to become the go-to platform for makers

We offer a PaaS through which you can easily connect and remotely manage multiple devices. The platform is integrable with any device that works with electricity, enabling it to be controlled and monitored over the Internet.

We are dedicated to providing the perfect tool for M2M growing markets

IoT platform specially designed for smart metering, fleet management, medical industry, solar energy, factories, home automation, IoT makers, automotive, wearable etc.

We are willing to offer a scalable enterprise cloud solution

DeviceHub.net can be fully white-labeled, re-branded, and installed on-premise or in a Virtual Private Cloud for Enterprise-grade deployments.

Countless devices, one single dashboard!

 Data gathering and analysis

Gather data and make sense of it, using pattern extraction and prediction using MQTT or REST API calls.

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 Remote control

Use the open communication channel with the device to control specific features in real time (MQTT).

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 Event based alerting

Define rules based on data input to trigger actions.

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Choose your IoT journey!

We provide a unified dashboard and communications platform for M2M

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Use cases, data is all around us!

You focus on your project, we do the rest for you!

 Enterprise solutions

Interested in taking your business to the IoT level? Explore our enterprise features and benefits.

Enterprise solutions


 Support for developers

Are you in need for a flexible IoT platform able to offer connectivity, interaction and data storage for a large range of smart devices?

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 Be THE contributor

The makers who will submit the best tutorial, will receive as a reward the standard package for 6 months!

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 Join us as a partner

We are always looking for hardware manufacturers willing to integrate with our platform and get feedback from the makers community.

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May 25, 2015
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May 25, 2015
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May 25, 2015

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