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Our mission is to empower individuals, developers and companies worldwide to build a better, more functional tomorrow, through a collaborative Internet of Things platform – because we believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing drive growth and innovation.


We provide developers and companies access to the first scalable, universal, open source ecosystem management platform (EMP) for IoT, that enables them to connect and manage devices, equipment and/or sensors remotely. Through the platform, users can build mission-critical, secure and customizable IoT apps that can run in a centralized or decentralized (or hybrid) manner, using blockchain encryption to communicate between the actors of the system, and have a highly fault tolerant backbone that can achieve 99.999% availability. The platform is built to be accessible – it can be used by individuals with little coding or app development experience to create end-to-end IoT solutions.

The platform is designed to suit the clients’ needs: it can be provided as a white label or branded platform, and it can be installed on premise or in a Virtual Private Cloud.


In the 1 st year on the market, DeviceHub took part in three international business acceleratorsHub:raum Warp, Challangeup! and Seedcamp and raised 100.000 Euro funding.

DeviceHub Winner of 2015 Hub:raum Warp accelerator         DeviceHub winner at the 2015 edition of Challenge Up          DeviceHub participant at the 2015 Seedcamp

We work with companies across all industries to help them monitor their processes and leverage on the hard data they collect, in order for them to optimize and innovate their services.

We partner with energy, tech, telecom and IT professionals and individuals to help them access straightforward tools, as well as implicit knowledge, in order for them to build their own IoT projects.

Deutsche Telekom                                                                DeviceHub parnter: smart meter manufacturer Kamstrup                          DeviceHub parnter: hardware manufacturer Adeunis                        DeviceHub parnter: smart meter manufacturer Phoenix Contact                      

DeviceHub partner: utility vendor Enel                                 DeviceHub Partner: IT consultancy company eta-2u                DeviceHub partner: Open Dev smart transportation provider


Our team of professionals has more than 60 years of joint experience in IoT, engineering, and software/hardware development. Based in Poland & Romania, the working ambience at DeviceHub is a mixture of tech savy personalities and eclectic characters that share a progressive drive to make things better everyday. 


In 4 years of constant development and dedication,
we built the platform that grew to a network of
6K active users
We worked with 25 companies
across 9 different industries,
and we developed 137 solutions.