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DeviceHub is the first cloud ecosystem management platform (EMP) for Internet of Things, a scalable IoT open source platform that empowers customisation and addition of new algorithms and protocols that enables users to connect devices, sensors and networks working with both analog, digital, message and map data in the same, unified dashboard.

DeviceHub Winner of 2015 Hub:raum Warp accelerator  

DeviceHub winner at the 2015 edition of Challenge Up      
DeviceHub participant at the 2015 Seedcamp

Our open source IoT platform provides the fundamental structure for configuring any kind of product or service on a scalable end-to-end network for real-time communications services, management applications, hardware and software development kits and web/mobile apps creation tools.

Our journey kick started in 2015, after winning both Hub:raum Krakow Warp accelerator program, and the 2015 Challenge up! IoT Accelerator sponsored by Cisco and Intel, featuring the same concept that drove us in the spotlight again at Seedcamp the same year. The successful run at the three major European startup accelerators confirmed the commercial potential of our innovative concept paving the way from technical capabilities to transforming into a viable business, offering industrial IoT (IioT) support for organisations on a large scale.   

We want to make IoT
accessible and fun for everyone

At DeviceHub, we are committed to creating a sustainable IoT framework, open source, that enable development through customisation, in order to maximise outcome utilising the minimum resources in fields like research, industrial digital transformation, healthcare, home appliances and more, through our open-source IoT platform.

                 Cisco, co-founder of Challange up!
Intel, co-founder of Challange Up!

Anybody can start building and customizing with Internet of Things through our platform using proprietary or open-source communication protocols. We provides a tool for building mission-critical, highly available, secure and customizable IoT applications that can run in a centralized, decentralized (or hybrid) manner using blockchain encryption to communicate between units, an IoT platform that is scalable and customisable for any business.


Features and benefits

Unified   dashboard 

Visualizing all the data on a single customized dashboard.
Easy to view as graphics, export or filter data 

Customisable architecture

Trigger actions based on
data input by defining rules on one or multiple devices

Cost and time effective

We help our clients reduce costs and time in order to access the community and expanding cloud operations

Full process automation

Everything our users need to automate their processes, supporting analog, digital, messaging and map data

Want to learn more about
Internet of Things?

Besides providing the IoT cloud platform, DeviceHub has an IoT knowledge center where you can find libraries, API documentation and tutorials that can help you guide your way into the world of Internet of Things.

The DeviceHub IoT platform also fully support research initiatives besides business solutions.

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Our Ready-to-Use IoT platform can support hardware systems and generate applications for any kind of business initiative.




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Devices, sensors actuators and projects


API devices

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